To conference, or not to conference, that is the question

Mar 6, 2019 | Human Factors, Product Development, Quality + Regulatory

You’ve probably attended your share of industry conference over the years.  You may have found some of them pedestrian, perhaps boring?

So have we!

Yes, that’s the venue for our three days, nestling underneath the castle

Until last January.

Our team were invited to the 19th Regulanet Conference, in Badenweiler, Germany. As new partners to the Regulanet network, this was our first experience so we weren’t prepared for just how different the three days would be. We hadn’t visited Bavaria before, so that in itself would be interesting.

We were blown away by the quality of the presentations and the topics covered, delivered by some absolutely stunning presenters. It should probably be referred to as TEDBadenweiler, the experience was that enlightening. It really was a breath of fresh air to be part of open, collaborative conversations, with competitors and those who’s activities compliment ours. Such a difference from the typical industry conferences we attend most years. The time was also a great way to get to grips with the diversity and expertise offered by the network, we left feeling proud to be a part of something like this.

Over the course of three days, we explored subjects ranging from the arid (think regulatory changes, Brexit), through challenges in gathering appropriate real world evidence for submissions, to the “what if…” keynote presentation. Along the way, we became immersed in the future of healthcare, the real world hospital use of the Internet of Medical Things, personalised medicines, and gamification to treat children with visual impairments.  Here’s a selection of the topics that we discussed, with links to find out more, where available:

  • Medical Devices:
    • Medical Device Regulation (MDR) hot topics
    • In-vitro Diagnostics Regulation (IVDR) hot topics
    • Software as Medical Devcies
    • Drug Delivery Systems as Medical Devices
  • A Look Into The Future of Healthcare (Koen Kas, Healthskouts, including an interesting database of approved medical device apps)
  • The Internet of Medical Things (Jens Eckstein, Basel University Hospital)
  • Real World Laboratory Data (Wolfgang Kaminski, Bioscientia – a fascinating insight into a real world application of big data to provide fast blood screening)
  • Latest Developments in Personalised Medicine (Vanya Loroch – an awe inspiring storyteller, who made complex molecular biology understandable!)
  • Brexit – how can we navigate the fog?
  • Use Case – Let’s Play! (Oliver Hilgers, CE Plus, Eva Ramos, E-health Technical Solutions,  if you look very carefully in the photo, you’ll spot one of our team, let us know if you see who it is)

Our hosts looked after us well, with good food, relaxing surroundings to network and make new friends, culminating in a wonderful evening meal at a local restaurant on the second day. The location, in a Bavarian spa town, was just the thing to step away from the daily operation. Plenty of clean, fresh air, walking and views. It even snowed on the Thursday morning, just in time for an early morning walk – love the sound of footsteps in freshly fallen snow.




You won’t be surprised to hear that we’re already looking forward to next year’s conference! But in the meantime here’s what our team are doing right now, as a result of our trip

  • We’re active participants in the Regulanet Brexit team, getting up to the minute information on the preparations, ramifications of the political to-and-fro, working out what it all really means for organisations in the UK and other EU countries, as well as those in North America,
  • You’ll find us at many industry events in the UK this year. If you’re wondering whether you’ll bump into us at a conference or exhibition, get in touch, lets see what we can arrange
  • You now have access to expert regulatory help for the EU, North America and China, through our partners in Regulanet, for pharmaceuticals and the drug component of combination devices,
  • Experimenting with the #4DayWeek, to see how our productivity and team member wellbeing fare.  If you’re curious to see how it goes, keep an eye out for our updates on Twitter (@DeviceUsability)

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