Successful medical devices have great Project Management!

Dec 2, 2018 | Product Development, Three Circles

Significant project delays are often experienced when activities fall out of sync and people become blinkered, rushing to finish their goals first and missing sight of the big picture.

Having a Device Development Strategy with a clear Plan matters, a lot.

When setting out the framework for a new project, one of the hardest things is keeping people committed to it until the end.  People tend to commit more when they recognize and appreciate how they fit into the overall project; who does what, when and why.  What their short terms goals and responsibilities are and how they fit with the big picture.

Keeping on track with Three Circles

At Three circles our team all have hands-on experience of leading and working in project development teams.  We understand the importance of committing to deadlines and how they impact on other parts of the project.  Calling upon our extensive and broad knowledge base we can help you interpret results and assess their implications for your development plan.

We help you generate an exceptionally comprehensive, yet straightforward development strategy and plan that makes your device programme easy to follow. We engage your development team, clearly explain the design inputs, outputs and the traceability of project activities.

In short, we will make your development team think “yes, this is exactly the support we were looking for”.

At Three Circles we can help you build your development approach, piecing together the elements of your project or filling in your Quality System, Process and Usability Engineering gaps.  Whether you need us there to give direction or to walk beside you for a while, we can successfully help you get there quicker.

We have even mapped the high-level route that all projects to develop and launch a medical technology will travel:

With Three Circles, our associates and our strategic partners, we can help you successfully negotiate the different disciplines.  Whether you need us there to give direction or to walk beside you for a while, we can successfully help you get there quicker.

Whether you want a little bit of help on one specific activity (such as advising on requirements for CE Marking), intensive support over a period of time (e.g. implementing a new and improved Quality Management System) or something in between, get in touch to see how we can work together.

Benefits of Straightforward Planning

The typical benefits our clients gain are:

  • Oversight – able to see the big picture quickly and easily
  • Project task interactions are clearer
  • Provides good direction, easier to measure achievement
  • Development of cost effective test strategies