To succeed, you need the right skills…

How do you get the quality training you need, at times and locations that suit you?

Let us help your team grasp their best chance for success

Having designed, developed and delivered hundreds of training events, whilst we can’t turn back time, our experience gives you a head start, making your route to market as quick and direct as possible.

People trained by our team, so far


Helping you develop skills in each of the key disciplines for success, we will work with you to identify the best way to develop your skills:

  • Identify the challenges or issues you need to address
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training and Development planning
  • Confirming cost effective ways to meet your needs


You may find it helpful to walk through these 4 steps, to get started:

1. Select from a menu of topics, including:

  • Regulations (US, EU, UK, Canada)
  • International Standards
  • Human Factors Engineering / Usability
  • Risk Management
  • Project Management
  • Design Development
  • Quality Management
  • Other topics that you’d like…

2, Choose how you’d like it to be delivered:

  • Webinar/online
  • Remotely accessible
  • Online Training library
  • On-site
  • At an off-site venue
  • Privately (enabling use of bespoke content)
  • A public course
  • A blend of several of these

3. Decide how much time you’d like to commit:

  • 1 hour taster session
  • 1/2 day overview
  • 1/2 day Masterclass
  • 1 day introduction
  • 1 – 2 day intermediate / deep dive
  • 5 day “mini-MBA”
  • One to one coaching of team members
  • A programme including several of these

4. Sketch out when you’d like to do this


The typical benefits our clients gain are:

    • Assurance that they’re doing the right things, at the right time, throughout their product life cycle
    • The capability to do things for themselves
    • Breaking free from a cycle of reliance on external support

    If you want to know how our Skills Development services can give your project a head start, or recover lost time, please call us on +44 (0)1782 955 255, or 312 239 8849 from the US or Canada. Or email us via this link.