A route map for medical technology development

Over the years, we realised that many people struggle to get to grips with the complexities of developing a medical device.  To help make things clearer, we created this route map for the key disciplines you’ll need to take care of throughout the life of your product.  It’s the fruits of a combined 100+ years of experience of the development and manufacture of medical devices and combination products.

In this series of twelve bite-sized videos, we explore this route map of these key disciplines.  Dip in to discover how to succeed with your medical technology.


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Part 1: Developing a medical device

Part 2: 4 steps to create a medical device
Part 3: 4 W's of Design Review
Part 4: Design Controls
Part 5: Quality Management
Part 6: Getting your design right
Part 7: It's all about the User
Part 8: Balancing Risk and Reward
Part 9: Managing a Medical Device project
Part 10: Protecting your innovation
Part 11: Clinical Evaluation
Part 12: Is there a market for your Medical Device?

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